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Several Hours Experience in the Mists of Pandaria

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The Mists of Pandaria is beautiful. After slogging through a whole expansion that featured destruction of beloved landmarks, the vibrancy and sheer detail of Pandaria is staggering. Every square foot of the Jade Forest (the only open high-level zone) dazzles with color, and each new turn reveals Pandaren quietly at work or monks training in ancient courtyards. On occasion, such as your first encounter with the Temple of the Jade Serpent, new vistas took my breath away. Here, the doom and gloom of Cataclysm steps aside for a lush world of waterfalls, mists, and groves of cherry trees, and the expansiveness begs you to get lost and find little surprises waiting around each corner. And best of all, it's all done tastefully. If you were expecting some bouncy, cutesy world of panda silliness, you won't find it here. Pandaria has a sense of coherence. Unlike Cataclysm, which had zones spread all throughout the world that you could flit between with Diablo 3 Gold US convenient portals, Pandaria is a complete landmass akin to Wrath of the Lich King's Northrend or Burning Crusade's Outland. While many of us love the old Azeroth of Wows first few years, and make world of warcraft gold there is!ere exists|there may be} teally hard,returning to it and its increasingly outdated models and textures reminded far too many players of the age of the game itself. Pandaria is different. I wouldn't dare compare its visuals to those of, say, Guild Wars 2, but the models mark a noticeable advancement over previous content. Better yet, almost Swtor space on the front page. This is MMO-champion, not WoW-championout|pretty much} all of them are new. Exploring Pandaria brings back that old desire to see what's over the next horizon, and to go running through zones before you're the right level for them. Unlike the hodgepodge zones of Cataclysm that demanded that you finish your quests and leave, Pandaria invites you to stay and enjoy it. It is interesting to be grounded. Being able to Wow Gold fly while leveling from 80-85 in Cataclysm seemed cool at first, but it wasn't long before you realized how much that approach took away from the simple joys of exploring the landscape. In most cases, you might as well have just been looking at a map. Blizzard's decision to remove flying mounts until players hit the level cap allows us to appreciate the surprise of coming across a quest hub that you didn't see until you were almost right on top of it, and unforgettable landmarks such as the Dawn Bridge have a visual impact that would be lost if you just flew over them. The available dungeon is also beautiful. At the time of writing, the only dungeon available is the Temple of the Jade Serpent, which easily counts among the most beautiful instances WoW has seen to date. The same level of detail that awes in the world outside continues inside the instance, and likely with greater effect since the technical demands of dealing with dozens of players in one area aren't an issue here. Each row of scrolls Diablo 3 Gold EU and codices seems individually designed, and each boss room has its own ambiance that does much to contribute to a sense of working your way through an important religious landmark. Anyway I like the world of warcraft mists of pandaria, but some wowers complaint that the mists of pandaria is just on testing, but it has already have some effect on the Posted by BoubouilleDude. You really need to stop stealing my job. This is NOT cool. XD I'm surprised that WoWcrendor video is in an update....} Cataclysm now, and I think things will not so perfect, if you consider it in another way, things will be ok, you will also have the same feel that farming warcraft gold in the mists of pandaria is really cool.

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